Big foot glue (14g x $55 , 1oz x $75 )


Bigfoot Glue will put you in a heady state first, full of energy and stimulating feeling. This is a go-get-’em strain, favored by people who like to get outside and move around or use the energy for focused creative activities. The strain soothes you and helps your muscles relax, which is a great way to feel motivated and get rid of pain. A THC average of around 23% encourages heightened feelings of calmness (Bigfoot Glue works in contradictions like that). It allows users to rid themselves of anxiety, nausea, a loss of appetite, depression, and pain.

For a euphoric buzz and a blast of energy, Bigfoot Glue is an immediately effective, heady strain that only occasionally causes couchlock in novice users. For those experienced enough to handle it, it’s a great invitation to get outside and get moving, with enough fruity, nutty, and woody flavor to get your appetite going while you do.


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